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Nostalgia plays a role when constructing the following film replicas. From The Lord of the Rings to The Neverending Story, each piece was hand crafted to match the exact appearance and finish of the original. With such a large and devoted fan base of these films, my aim is to inspire and bring lost relics to fruition. Guided by experience and continual practice the work here is dedicated to producing realistic and convincing reproductions of movie props and models of the highest quality for any creative endeavor in any genre.

Elixir Bottle


The 1992 American satirical dark comedy film Death Becomes Her featured a rather strange glass vial that stays balanced on its tip without the aid of any special effect. My attempts at replicating this design proved far more challenging and time consuming than anticipated. However through testing and prototyping I insisted that I produce an item that performed much like the movie reproduction.


Consisting of led lights and actual pink fluid, the vial stands on its tip on the acrylic mirror base. It was also designed with its elaborate faberge egg casing and box compartment. What I have tried to consistently do is fabricate 'working' replicas that perform much like their movie counterparts rather than just being objects for display.

The Neverending Story


Presenting a leatherbound replica of the book used in the 1980s movie and features the full story of all the characters of Fantasia. Measuring 8.7 x 6.1 x 1.2" in size, and featuring 397 pages of text and the full illustrations. The front is bound with a metal auryn and adorned with metal filigree, and foil stamped with the title of the book on the front. Each book is handmade and is the perfect addition to any collection or for fans of the fantasy classic.